Navigating Client Experiences & Memories in Hypnosis

Personal enjoyment of any spiritual realm is necessary if you want your client to gain momentum and power in their new environment. There is a recent movie that illustrates precisely what I mean. If you have watched the thriller movie “Insidious”, you will notice that the lead character was only able to take control of what was happening in the astral plane after he had ‘warmed up’. The main character in the movie “Insidious” was at first very afraid and he felt really alone when he began his trip to the astral plane to retrieve the lost spirit of his only boy. He encountered many strange, lost souls along the way and that compounded his feeling of being alone and lost. Learn more at 

However, he was eventually able to find his bearings. He was actually able to multiply his strength in the astral realm because he had already stayed there long enough. He was able to fight off souls who wanted to harm him and eventually he was able to bring back his son from the clutches of the evil persona who was haunting his family. To a certain extent we can say that a hypnotized client also gains more momentum and control in the realm of the past if they are able to stay there long enough. To facilitate your client’s stay in the realm of the past, you must keep in mind that as your client moves back in time, they will stop at specific ‘stations.’ Like our modern day train situations, these ‘soul outposts’ as I call them are logical stopping points that help prepare travelling spirits before they move back into another area of the spiritual realm. Learn more at and

In short, your client would eventually become so immersed in past life regression that they will no longer be interested in actively opposing the idea of having past lives. However, your skill as a mediator is so always think of how you can facilitate the client’s entry into their past life memories. Once they are there, your job is to make sure they are able to make sense of what they are seeing/experiencing. With your prior knowledge of the client, you may suggest that the desert is a place where an unlimited number of answers may arise and they should keep riding into the desert so that they may find people who may want to speak with them.

A hypnotized client may appear extremely relaxed or even asleep during a past life regression session, but that doesn’t mean that their mind has shut down as well. The body is relaxed, but the mind is more alive than ever before. What if your client feels that they will fail even with your guidance because they have a tendency to make things up? What can you say to the client so that they would trust their own abilities more? There are generally two ways to deal with this kind of question. First, you can tell the client that they have nothing to lose and as long as they keep an open mind during the regression, they stand to receive all of the benefits of past life regression.

Some clients will argue that a cast of characters will be useless because a regression will be concerned with characters from another life. As a final note, what should you do if your client says that they find past life regression disturbing and they do not wish to continue? Should you try to convince them to attend other sessions or not? Unless you have a written agreement that you shall render service on specific dates and this agreement cannot be reversed, there is no real reason for you to try to persuade the client to come back. They have to find their own truths in their own time. You can Advanced accomplish this by asking the client to provide as many details as possible when they begin encountering memories from a past life. Once a client is able to pierce the veil that separates the present from the past, the regressionist should allow the client to enjoy staying in the realm of the past.


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